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Ronan's report

Monday April 21st, 2014

I appear to be spending my life Spring Cleaning. First it was the Latohegy Shack, then the sailing boat and now it's the cellar! And I really want to be fishing, fishing, fishing! So I'm going... and when I return, there is the woodpile to be dealt with; if I don't cut it now, I may never be able to cut it... life, I feel, is all about avoiding any responsibility that could potentially compromise our lives as flyfishers!

All said, it's a bit of an interim period at the moment, we have a new front page layout in the wings - and a cool shop - that should be live by... who knows when? We are waiting on decals for the Hot Torpedo 4-weights and I'm in different stages of development with other equally exciting rods as well. All good fun, if you're into that sort of thing.

Today, however, I am fishing - in Croatia with Ivica and Schneska. Some Croatian Drava stretches are closed for spawning at the moment, but not all and I plan to fish regularly with these two - and Sasha - this season. Three very serious fly fishers just over the Hungarian/Croatian border.

For those of you who don't know, I live a stone's throw from Croatia, here in Hungary, and my views from the terrace are pretty much all Croatian. Croatia is now in the EU - as of last year, but not yet in the Schengen Agreement - which is the agreement many European countries have to share borders. The UK is not in the Schengen Agreement either! However Croatia plans to join in 2015, and I very much hope that they are successful, because it will transform my world here.

Currently, for me to fish a local canal in Croatia, that has trout, takes me an hour of travelling - and that's if the border crossing is clear! This particular canal is only 10Km from Latohegy - I could run there in less than 40 minutes (best 10K time, 34 minutes!) - but instead I have to drive first to Nagykanizsa/Naggashagga and then cross the border at Letenye, and drive back down the other side, even though I can see a Croatian bridge crossing the Drava River from my cabin, only a couple of kilometres downstream! However when Croatia does join the Schengen agreement I'll be there in ten minutes flat - and I will be there frequently - because it is my closest trout water.

Not only that, but I can see four gravel pits the other side of the Drava. Not trout fishing surely, but they have Carp and possibly Bass too. My fishing at Latohegy will be transformed - and let's face it, if I can't go out for an evening rise somewhere, then I'm living in the wrong bloody place!

This year my fishing on the Drava has doubled too. Peter and I can both Kayak (with two mates) from Ortilos to Barcs, which is a distance of 84Km and we're guessing, a five or six day float - join us if you want! Last year we had 44km and it took us three days. So I'm really looking forward to exploring this new water. It's a new type of fishing for me, this coarse fish on fly shit, but I'm slowly getting to grips with it. Give me another decade and I might be able to write something worthwhile on the subject!

Central Europe this summer is going to be hell. There was virtually no winter to speak of, consequently there are mosquitoes around, even now in April, and the ticks are out in force. But it's nice to be back and I'm looking forward to the change in fish!

Have a fantastic week and stick it to them!

Cheers, Paul

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