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Monday: Paul Arden
Tuesday: Harps
Wednesday: Bernd Ziesche
Thursday: Mr T.
Friday: Ray
Saturday: Viking Lars
Sunday: Anvar Maliutov

Ronan's report

Monday 8th September, 2014

This is the current proposed programme for next weekend here at Sexyloops Latohegy. It's subject to change - Sasha's attendance is not currently guaranteed and of course the programme can alter according to participants' requirements. But this is what we have planned so far:

FRIDAY 12TH - afternoon and evening arrival for most attendees. Afternoon casting for the early arrivals. Bass fishing for Morten!

7PM Introductions and Dinner at the wine cellar.
8.30PM Wine Tasting at the Lathegy Vineyard (God help us!) Translations: Aniko

(all demos approximately 30 mins, practise/teaching time afterwards, unless otherwise stated)

9AM Breakfast and Group Photo
10AM River Demo on DH Switch Rods for Asp fishing - ALP
11AM Streamer Fishing for Trout - PA
MIDDAY Return to Latohegy.
1PM Sandwiches
2PM Casting Demo - Scotty
3PM Mends and Curves (Workshop 1HR) - PA
4PM COMPETITION - Distance Shootout
7PM Sunset Dinner
8.30PM Fishing in Argenita - Janko
9PM Fishing in Malaysia - PA
9.30PM Campfire and Lumi Lines.

9AM Breakfast and Group Photo
10AM Competition Casting Styles and Techniques (Workshop 2HRS) - PA
MIDDAY Chub Fishing - Ivica
1PM Sandwiches
2PM Casting Demo - Erno
3PM The Snap Cast and Applications Demo - PA
7PM Sunset Dinner
8.30PM Fishing the Wye - Alex
9PM Fishing Exmouth, West Australia - Scotty
9.30PM Campfire and Lumi Lines.

9AM Farewell Breakfast.

For those fishing afterwards, Canal in Croatia on Monday, staying at Golf Hotel Monday Night. Tuesday, Wednesday - Gacka River in Croatia.

There will be lots of time for casting, rod testing, teaching and general mayhem. Also I plan to schedule in more demos, but this is the basic plan.

I can handle up to 4 more participants by the way, but will need to rent another house to do so, so if you want to come then please let me know ASAP!

Cheers, Paul

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