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Ronan's report

Monday 17th November, 2014

This is quick FP coming from the banks of an Australian Bass and 'Toga lake where Mike and I are about to fish. Fishing this morning for Kingfish with Vince "Master of the Seaway" was unproductive for both us of, although Vince lost one around a submerged pipe. Maybe 10 minutes before we arrived one of Vince's friends had a 10kg Kingfish on a Popper which he subsequently released (POD).

This weekend was great; on Saturday I ran a clinic for the Gold Coast instructors and on Sunday teaching for club members. It was certainly warm. We may have reached 40C at one point on Sunday. But cold water and a few beers helped keep everyone cool. A big thanks to everyone who attended and thanks to both Stu and Jon for organising the events. I'll post photos this week - I have a memory stick to sift through thanks to Juan and Kylie!

I think that the Sunday Course in particular went well, especially the loops that everyone started throwing when we discussed casting in the wind. That to me was one of the highlights of the weekend. Also the Thai Curries of course! All in all a fantastic time.

And now it's back to fishing. Bass fishing this evening and first thing in the morning. Carp fishing tomorrow morning after the dawn start for Bass. Back to Brisbane in the afternoon and then a Shootout with Mike and Jacko in the evening. Wednesday sees me flying to Perth for the next phase of my Australian Trip. Pretty busy!

Have a great day.


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