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Ronan's report

Monday 25th August, 2014

It's starting to feel like Autumn - where I am anyway. Which is very early for Hungary. But the leaves started to turn about a day ago. This should herald the beginning of good Asp fishing around here, but the incessant rain has kept the Drava high, dirty and unfishable. This is not such a problem at the moment because I'm busy as hell organising...

1) The Sexyloops Hungarian Meet Sept 13/14th. I think we are at around 15 of us. I'm not sure how may more I can hold but I will know today. If you're interested in visiting then please let me know ASAP!

2) The Sexyloops visits Varzina River Trip 11-18th August 2015. It's about 2K plus flights. We have 8 places but I might have filled the trip - let me know if you're interested! It will be fantastic. You need to fish here before you die.

3) The New Sexyloops Website and Shop. No idea why it takes 12 months to do 2 months work but that's Sexyloops for you!

5) 4-weights Hot Torpedos, Rampages, HT Comp II. Another year in the life of Sexyloops.

6) The 2014 Fly Swap!

I think I need to find another assistant. This time someone I won't feel the need to kill every day.

Right now there's not a hell of a lot of fishing, but that's about to change! Next weekend I'm in Romania for a teaching casting weekend and a couple of days of fishing. Hopefully the Asping will come right in Hungary and I'll have a week in Bosnia as well. Towards the end of October I'm fishing Cape York in Australia (need to sort out a working VISA to fish Australia - true story) and then hopefully NZ, Malaysia and who knows where?

I can't believe how quickly this summer has come and gone. Just as well I'm going to live to be 150.

Cheers, Paul

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