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Ronan's report

Friday 21st November, 2014

I've been fishing for puffer fish here in Perth for the last few days. At first I tackled these feisty little brutes with the HT8 but then having mastered them, I thought I would chance it this morning and fish the Comp5 and with the sort of skill that comes with playing lots of big fish, I've been successfully nailing them on this rod too. Graeme was fishing for Stingrays yesterday and Imaginary Brim this morning. (Australians take note the correct spelling of Brim. Bream - the European fish - rhymes with "dream", which is apparently the only place to catch them in Australia). Puffer fish however can be caught. They eat Clousers, Brim flies and nymphs that are meant for Mullet. If you decide that you also wish to catch these fish, let me give you some advice: 1) fish the very shallow water just beside the bank, 2) if you like to strike hard then be sure to duck lest you end up with a fish on your face, 3) forget to take photos for your front page, 4) There is no 4.

Casting Course tomorrow. Be sure to bring a ski suit, warm socks (two pairs), woolly hats, gloves, fur lined boots, a rain coat, waders, thermal underpants (or an extra sock), heated hand warmers, two scarves, three jumpers, a balaclava and of course, sun screen.

Sunday will see more fishing for trophy puffer fish - I'll remember to take photos this time. Monday I'm in Exmouth and will be there for a week. Looking forward to catching up with Jono, catching a shitload of fish, putting a bend in the 10wt, camping in a sleep sheet, and remembering that it's summer. Have a great day!

Cheers, Paul

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