And the fishing starts now...

And the fishing starts now...

Paul Arden | Sunday, 8 January 2017

Quick FP from me covering for Daniela today. Tomorrow I have a guest page on French Nymphing, so let catch up on where we are now... I'm now going to fish, fish, fish! Fantastic! This week Ashly and I made a trip to the city - always strange going to such a mad busy crazy place after living outdoors in a place where there are no traffic noises, no crowds and lots of wilderness.

Anyway we had to go to buy a camera. All my cameras have died apart from my phone and we are launching a new SLTV series on Jungle Moments. I'm thinking of a Five Minutes of Fly Fishing weekly show. So I've bought a hard-to-kill (even for me) completely waterproof camera that takes HD video. It's not a go-pro (killed one of these lately) and it will accept lenses - a zoom would be a great idea (next month - they're currently out of stock). 

Im really looking forward to shooting video again and it should be easier - it's never "easy" - but with the sort of fishing we do here, which is mostly one person fishing at a time and the other fishing through the one with the rod. I don't know if that makes sense, but when I'm fishing with someone on my boat - in this case Ashly - I still feel that i am fishing even when I'm not the one taking the shots. 

While I was visiting KL the rains came through Perak (this region I fish) and the lake level has risen by more than one metre in the last seven days. That's a hell of a lot of water! the lake is 15,200 sq metres (according to Des, a great mate of mine who's a nature guide, who's just told me this, giving me the idea that I really need to interview him soon and find out all the interesting jungle facts!). 

For fishing purposes this rise in water level should be great, since the lake is now into the grassy banks, bringing all the fish into the edges. And tomorrow we start nailing them! 

So the following Monday we start Sexylooos Five Minutes of Fly Fishing as weekly content. Hang on to your shorts, baby, it's all about to happen!