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The mean season?

Gary Meyer - Tuesday, June 19, 2018

According to the calendar, summer is right around the corner. I, for one, will be happy to see it come. There are many from the northern states, those we local folk call “yankees”, who say there are no seasons in Florida. Their meaning, I guess, is that it never freezes down here, so we never get to see the onslaught of ice, nor its thaw. Other more intelligent types, the likes of whom are meteorologist or hydrologist, say south Florida has only two seasons: the wet season and the dry. Their opinion is tough to refute as it has a basis in reality on the largest scale, but I think it ignores some very obvious subtleties.

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The Dude is out!

Viking Lars - Monday, June 18, 2018

Paul is out of reach, and he's also busy planning a visit and it's Mrs. Sexyloops' birthday tomorrow, so there are flowers to be bought and food to be prepped, I suppose :-).

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The Five Gallon Bucket

Matt Klara - Sunday, June 17, 2018

On many warm summer weekends you can find me out one of my favorite lakes, casting flies for trout. I particularly enjoy the long casts and relaxed pace of cast and retrieve angling with either floating or intermediate lines, searching likely parts of the lake with a damsel or Callibaetis nymph. In my experience there are really only two things that can ruin the calm that I find in this type of fishing. The first is a grab from a nice trout, but you will never hear me complain about that! The second is a tangled mess of fly line clogging up my stripping guide during a cast. Fortunately, I’ve found a simple, inexpensive piece of gear that solves this annoying problem while offering some additional benefits. What is this piece of gear?

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fishing in Skålestrømmen - some places left

t.z. - Friday, June 15, 2018

Many go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. I´m organising a trip to one of the best troutwaters Norway, heck maybe even the planet has to offer. There are a few places left. Read on ...

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Fly Casting - Self Education vs Fly Casting Lessons

Bernd Ziesche - Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The current issue of the German fly fishing magazine "Fliegenfischen" offers an article coming with some pros and cons about fly casting lessons compared to self education in fly casting. The author Werner Berens recommends self education and marks less advantages but more disadvatages for fly casting lessons. My own experience is very opposite though. Interestingly Werner Berens in his own article explains to have zero experience in consuming fly casting lessons.

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Now for something completely different

Gary Meyer - Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Somehow, probably due to some sort of advertising, a short while ago I came across a new-to-me flyfishing tactic called “micro-Skagit”. I think the name is somewhat misleading as many of the rods used are not all that small, at least lengthwise. It seems most rods are two-handed, or at least switch style, and usually longer than the standard 9’ single hander. I guess what makes them “micro” is that they are lighter weight for Spey rods… 3 weights seem to be popular. The idea is to use Skagit style heads and casting for smaller streams or smaller fish, mostly trout instead of the usual Skagit target - salmon. From my limited understanding of anything about trout fishing I guess it would make sense to swing streamers or wets this way. And, I guess, these longer rods would be useful for fishing nymphs? I’m puzzled on how they would work for dry flies, but again, I understand very little about trout fishing, especially advanced techniques.

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Paul Arden - Monday, June 11, 2018

Following up from TZ's page last week I thought I'd talk about one of our essential life skills - fire making! Now I am happy to inform you that I an expert fire maker :p I've had very many thousands of fires, all over the world, in all conditions, altitudes and with burning different types of wood - some years I've cooked well over 300 days using outdoor campfires. Being able to successfully light a fire in a heavy rainstorm is an essential survival skill and will transform a miserable and dangerously cold night into... well a party! I've never actually "lost" control over a fire however you most certainly need to respect fire because it has potential to burn down entire forests. So I'll talk about the fire lighting skills that I've learned over the years, and some of the short-cuts, but first there are times when not to light a fire - such as during fire bans or when everything is parched bone dry. If the wind picks up you may end up causing severe devastation and even loss of life - so you do need to use a bit of common sense, which is something in short supply these days.

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flags and flies

Daniela Misteli - Sunday, June 10, 2018

Soon the world championship in Russia starts and all over are flags... with everything you can show which countries you're fan for. So I designed also streamers in the color of flags, our Kantons-flags there are just regions in Switzerland and it's a little bit like a religion if you are from Bern or from Zürich. I think every country has that regionalism but it feels like we swiss guys are extraordinary good in that "small thinking" so here are the flies "i designed and I have to tie a lot of them and send them in the different parts of my small funny country.

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Shootong head connections

Viking Lars - Saturday, June 9, 2018

I've been thinking about doing an article or maybe even a video series on how to make loops and/or otherwise connect a shooting head to a shooting line. There are several options, not one os better than the other - they all have advantages and drawbacks and not all are siuted for the same lines. Here's a quick overview.

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a vulgata weekend

t.z. - Friday, June 8, 2018

Fire. Always one of the four or five elements, depending on which book you read, so let us talk about fire. I actually must admit that I mainly moved to Scandinavia because one has the right to light a campfire here. Cooking coffee on a small fire is a Norwegian and Swedish custom. The local fishing shop even sells coffee. So fishing and campfire are closely knit up here. Many of the YouTube films made by the Vikings feature at least one “campfire and coffee pot” scene. But now we have a problem. The risk for forest fires is very high. The very hot and sunny spring dried the forest that much that any open flame is banned. Pretty much. Paul asked me why everything is so very dry? It seemed counter intuitive that in an area where the snow piled up in meters just 4 weeks before, it should now be dangerous to light even the smallest of a campfire. Actually frost is the reason. When water freezes, it crystallises. Nothing new here. In that form it cannot get inside any cell structure and part of the the water inside a cell structure is pressed outside by the water which is freezing. Ice crystals need more space than liquid water. In short that's my very simple understanding. I learned about this when being a winemakers apprentice. The wine from frozen grapes has the least amount of water and the highest sugar content. The famous Eiswein is made from the grapes. A dessert wine delicacy almost like a sweet a liquor. Get a bottle if you come a cross. It goes very well with a good, strong blue or other soft cheese.

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Don’t play with your food

Tracy&James - Thursday, June 7, 2018

Tracy and I have finally got round to purchasing summer season tickets at our local carp lake. We wait until the weather has warmed up and the fish have spawned before we venture out, we also very much favour the sort of conditions that puts the conventional carp anglers off – hot and still. It was in such conditions that we fished last Sunday.

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My theory of rod relativity

Gary Meyer - Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Last week I spent a few consecutive days in the Keys with my tarpon addicted friend where we were, of course, chasing tarpon. The weather was not perfect. We experienced our first tropical storm during the preceding week although our supposed storm season does not technically start until June 1. We were lucky and were able to push our reservation ahead a day, but even still the visibility was seriously hampered by overcast skies for the first two days. Although we covered miles of famous water we saw few fish those first few days, and we were unable to convincingly present a fly. Finally, on the last day, the skies cleared somewhat and we were able to enjoy a morning of classic tarpon migration sight fishing. It is hard to describe the feeling when a dark string of large fish suddenly appears and heads toward your boat as you stand ready to do battle with a flyrod, of all things, in your hands.

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How to test drive a fly rod

Paul Arden - Monday, June 4, 2018

I made a video a few years ago, about rod design and what I look for in fly rod response. However some people, myself included, prefer the written word. So what follows is the method that I use when trialling a fly rod for the first time. It’s a little routine that I go through with every fly rod and have been doing so for the past twenty-five years. From my years of experience in selling rods, for both my own business, as well as for other retailers and manufacturers, I can tell you that very few people do anything remotely similar. The vast majority of anglers false cast 10-14m of line and little else; occasionally you might see some distance casting. If this sounds like you then maybe this will help...

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Hatch Profile - Salmonflies

Matt Klara - Sunday, June 3, 2018

This week I'm passing the FP mic to my friend Steve Hoovler. Steve has fished around Yellowstone Country for over 20 years and is a guide-and-more for Big Sky Anglers in West Yellowstone, Montana. I'm excited to share his piece with everyone on Sexyloops because, to me, the Salmonfly is a fascinating insect and a bit of an icon of fly fishing in the western US. I know that in Europe, if I said Salmonfly, the first thing one might think of is the Atlantic salmon, maybe a Sunray Shadow, or a waking Bomber. In Montana, it's a different story alltogether. So, I'm hoping that our international readership enjoys this and learns something new!

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Danica-time - still

Viking Lars - Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Danica hatch is full on right now. The hatch is peaking in these very days, and if there are fish in the rivers, this hatch brings them up.

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Hammock camping

t.z. - Friday, June 1, 2018

The heatwave has reached Norway too. It’s crazy hot and the only thing I am able to do is to lay in my hammocks, which is hard work too of course. Hammock camping has gained more and popularity in the last years, not only amongst backpackers and hikers. Pretty much everybody from the aforementioned hikers to those travelling on two or more wheels to get closer to nature and the amazing views and experiences only camping n the woods can provide. It just make sense to get off the ground and sleep hanging between the trees. The benefits are many, some are very factual - others are more based on feelings and the experience involved. Looking at the stars while being soothed in a slightly swinging hammock generally results in a very comfortable and refreshing sleep. There are several hammock concepts on the marked - two of which we endorse and use ourselves. There is no better than these two systems we believe. Your mileage may vary of course - but hey - it´s all a matter of taste an personal preference but some facts need considering when choosing an overnight full metal jacket camping hammock.

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