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Monday, 19 June 2017

Last week was interesting and I fished with Flavio in the far south of Temenggor Lake. We re just coming into my favourite time to fish the dam, with "free-rising" Snakehead and "Stumping" Gourami. There is Jungle Perch fishing too, but I have a lot of work to do on these fish. I had a free-rising Snakehead - "free-rising" means that the fish is not an adult nursing and defending babies, but instead an adult that is simply surfacing alone (or living in a small community). These are the hardest Snakehead to catch because they a) live in the stumps b) are not tired from the rigours of spawning and living on a reduced diet while parenting and c) there is no warning as to when and where they will surface - consequently these are the most rewarding Snakehead to fly fish for me. Also they have more beautiful and darker colouration. Stumping Gourami is Gourami feeding on the stumps that are in many places of the lake - they feed on algae growths and sometimes lift themselves out the water to take something - not sure what that something is yet - but possibly insects of some sort - directly off the stumps. Flavio lost a very nice Gourami that was feeding on termites after a rain storm.

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Head scratching

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Now days I never tie on a fly before I reach the water I intend to fish. Not unlike, I expect, a trout angler watching for a hatch, I don’t choose the fly until I see what is going on. I will admit that if clues are not apparent I do have my “go to” flies, and those will come out of the box, with confidence, if I do not suspect a better pattern.

Now having said that, have I ever fished a fly first simply because it was recently created at the vise and I wanted to see how it looked in the water or I thought it was the latest “answer”? Guilty!

In a similar but broader sense, have I traveled to a location to fish simply based on the fact that I felt I wanted to fish that way, no matter if it was not appropriate for the season or conditions? Unfortunately, true again.

In either of the cases above, were those poor decisions, those whims, something I regretted in retrospect, since they were essentially a waste of my precious spare time? Yes.

Ah, but were these missteps worthless? No. I recognized, eventually, what they were and therefor I learned something about myself. So they had some value even if they did not add fish to the creel.

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Fantastic Fly Fishing Week

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Right now we are fly fishing in Grayling heaven. Thanks a lot to those who have helped to shape this heaven! Hein van Aar (the river keeper of the Kvennan fly fishing zone) is the first person coming to my mind here!

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Optimism of youth...

Thursday, 22 June 2017

When Paul first asked me to write these FPs I had an idea about telling the story of how I got into fishing in the first place, however I never got round to it until now. It’s a tale of spectacular failure, involving a two year period of not even getting a bite, let alone catching a fish, but ultimately one of true success. Success in finding a vocation that I love now as much as I’ve ever done.

In reality as soon as I gained some independence, i.e. was allowed out of the house on my own, I became an angler (although one who didn’t have any gear or any clue). Those were the days when kids used to walk themselves to junior school and play out in the evenings and at the weekend, so long as you were back in time for tea (dinner was served at lunchtime back then) all was good. My parents live in a seaside town in North Wales, so the coast is only a few hundred yards from their front door, and as soon as I got my first bike I used to pedal down to a place called Splash Point to watch people fishing there – I’d spend the whole tide spectating.

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1000 days

Friday, 23 June 2017

I met Konstanse for the first time in person on September 21. 2014 at 14:33. We have been together since. Last Saturday this was for 1000 days. We celebrated this in our own way. We went fishing.

We took the float tubes out to the lake Konstanse had her belly boat flyfishing debut in June 2015. Like the first time, the mayflies were hatching. .... and sheep visited our little camp.

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Saturday, 17 June 2017

I usually carry a net when fishing. I don't always use it - often I can (and that's by far the best) unhook the fish in the water, with minimal or no handling of the fish. Many people ofject to the use of a net, which is a great shame, because I firmly believe that unless you can easily unhook the fish in the water, a net is by far the most gentle way of landing a fish.

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Father's Day 2017

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Today is Father’s Day in the US and a number of other countries around the world. Is this another holiday manufactured by greeting card companies so they can sell more goods? Perhaps. But like most holidays, you may choose to celebrate as you see fit. For most dads, I’m sure a phone call or a dinner with the family is worth 100 times more than any gift or greeting card. To me it’s a nice time to reflect on relationships that mean something to me.

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Ronan's Report

Daltona Restoration Project…

I’d say it was about 13 years ago Kevin and I were out for a few pints in The Fairlie Countryman’s Club. The craic was good talking about all sorts, including me getting electrocuted and blown up in Arrowtown one night, a tale that still emerges from time to time, but that’s a story for […]

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