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FP Archive

Taking Shots

Monday, 12 November 2018

Here is a day this week... zoomed down the lake for 50 mins flat out. Went looking for babies. Found three sets. First set babies were large and chased the fly before the adult got a glimpse. Second set I took a difficult shot that I thought was perfect but the light was poor and I could’t see the reaction or lack of. Third set spooked at the sound of the approaching thruster motor. In between I found a few patchy free-rising Snakehead but no shots made. Evening session I went chasing Gourami. Found two. One was a difficult shot - not a shot really - but I took it. Fish had gone. Other was an even more remote shot which I didn’t take and tried for a better position which didn’t materialise.

Thunder appeared and we fled but didn’t make it back. Torrential rain and lightning saw us shelter next to the shore for an hour or more and the eventual drive back was slow, dark, wet and sparked with lightning.

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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

I spent another day in a canoe flyfishing in the Everglades mangrove environment, this time solo. I was tempted to say I was in the back country, but the area I sampled would more accurately be described as “front country.” It a tough call as I got access to my intended fishing grounds by launching in the back.

Although you would never guess it by the weather, the wildlife knows the season has changed, and they are acting accordingly. After rounding just about every blind corner I spooked huge flocks of wading birds that have migrated south for the winter. It made me laugh that many of the areas that I frequent are reserved for non-motorized craft. One of the reasons for this restriction is so the wildlife is not bothered by the noise. The question arose: if these birds flee from me as I quietly paddle my canoe, at a distance hundreds of yards away, how could the sound of a small motor bother them any more? Don’t read this as I am complaining… I personally appreciate the quiet myself and love the fact that few other anglers are willing to put in the work necessary to get there.

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Outstanding Catching Days

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Catching a lot of fish when nearly everyone does it, isn't special. But catching a lot of (big) fish when most anglers don't catch much if any fish, that usually asks for some serious skills. At the moment it seems like I pretty well learnt my lessons within the past 15 years of excessive fly fishing for pike on Rügen island (or if you like German Pike-land).

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Remembering Scott

Thursday, 1 November 2018

It’s a sad day when another good friend and angler passes away. Scott Simmonds was a funny guy who always made me laugh. Scott was always ready to support fly fairs and BFCC Meetings and had recently re-joined the Club, joking with me that if he waited a few months he’d get it half-price as a ‘Senior’.

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Rubber band

Friday, 9 November 2018

Have you ever had situation that you are fishing with dryfly and when you finally found one which is the One, it is really the only one in your box. Or that you don’t have any chemical stuff with you to get your dryfly back on shape. Or during the strike your fly get so wet that it doesn’t dry out during false cast. Well, few years ago I found solution to this from web. . I tried to find original video from youtube but I could only found ones which are less than 2 years old but you get idea from this one.

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Tent or hammock?

Saturday, 10 November 2018

That’s the big question these days, isn’t? Paul uses hammocks in the jungle (when he’s not sleeping in the boat), and TZ uses the same hammocks.

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This is not the advice you're looking for

Sunday, 11 November 2018

"How do I get better at tying flies?" Practise!
Probably the most common question I get asked when tying at club nights, shows or through the YouTube channel. Unfortunately, my answer is rarely what the questioner is looking for. There aren't really any shortcuts-you need to practise, pay attention to what you're practising and be critical of your work.

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Ronan's Report

River Keeping – Part 2

In a blog over winter I spoke about river keeping. After that I bought a saw, a cheap one with a 200mm fold up blade. That’s what I’ve been using. I carry it every day I go fishing. Many of the rivers I fish are willow lined and these are the main contenders for having […]

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