Tim Testing the HT12

There are currently two HT12s in existence. One is with Tim in Brisbane, Australia and the other is with Gary in Florida. It’s currently more of a Bluewater Beast than a Flats’ rod, although it’s certainly caught a few Tarpon! The current configuration comes with two butts. This is thanks to Sakari and the Finns testing some fibreglass ideas. The force that can be applied while fighting with the hybrid is really quite extraordinary.

I’m still not sure what to think. Gary finds the rod too powerful for his Tarpon fishery, particularly for dredging. Tim is happy with the stiffness/casting but would like another butt configuration for Bluewater…

Testing and development has been hampered due to travel restrictions of course, but it’s great to see Tim getting a work out! I really need to get my hands back on one of them again, but I suspect this will only happen when borders reopen and I have USA guests visiting. There is still more work to do, and I think what I will try next is a slightly softer action and compare results side by side. I have some other ideas as well…

Superb Black Marlin!

As always, if you have any questions about this, or any of the Sexyloops rods, you can write to me on paul@sexyloops.com

Cheers, Paul

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