The (subtle) Beast

This HT10 is on its way to Bonny Scotland – I’m not sure where it’s going after this, but I’m fairly certain it’s not for the trout fishing! I must find out actually, because I’m always interested in the lives the HTs lead 🙂

This is of course my go-to rod here in the jungle. I’m very partial to SA’s Infinity line on this rod. The Infinity is one of those strange lines that is mid weight (half AFFTA heavy), which is obviously favoured my many anglers. However with this particular line/rod combination and for the fast shots I need to make here in the Malaysian Jungle, I actually use the 9 1/2WT line (9).

Be that as it may, it’s very close to something I requested from Bruce some 4 or 5 years ago, ie a line with a head that tapers down pretty much from the front. I don’t actually think Bruce thought “I’ll do this and won’t tell Paul about it!” Because I know that’s actually not what happened!

What actually happened is that SA discovered that anglers were fishing their Redfish line for Permit, and so they adjusted it – more for Permit I suppose – and brought out this new taper. I know this, because when Jono Shales was visiting me a few years ago, he brought with him some Redfish lines and since I loved them, he left me one and I subsequently wrote to SA saying that they were fantastic for what I was doing. Josh – who has replaced Bruce – said something along the lines of “that’s awesome, Paul, would you like to test a new line that we have in development?” It was the Infinity, and it’s currently my go-to Snakehead shot fly line.

Of course this rod wasn’t designed around the Infinity, it was in fact tested using RIO’s Technical Tarpon taper! Another great line. The original line I had, had a 60’ head as I recall, which is very different to what I’m throwing now!

Anyway, great to see another HT10 released from the Sexyloops Workshop. Excellent build quality, as always, from our master craftsman Lee.

If you are interested in an HT10 – standard or customised – then you can order here or else drop me an email and we can discuss your requirements.

Thanks, Paul

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