Balkan Essentials 120

I thought I would take the time to run through some of the items available in the Sexyloops tackle shop. First up (apart from the Sexyloops Hat which is being redesigned for even more STEALTH) is the Essential Balkan Fly Selection. This is 120 flies that are not only good in the Balkans but pretty useful to have in almost every other water!

For dry flies we have Parachute Pheasant Tail, Adams, Cream Caddis, Olive Dun, Black Klinkhammer, Royal Wulff. For nymphs we have Pheasant Tail Nymph, Red Tag Nymph, Hare’s Ear Nymph, Peacock Strung Nymph, Black Mamba Nymph, San Juan Worm. I’m not sure that the San Juan Worm is really a nymph, but it’s close!

This is a selection of flies tied by my good friend Djordje Andjelkovic in Serbia. Djordje is an MCI and a really top bloke. The fly selection comes in a wooden Sexyloops box, made by one of our mutual friends and the entire package is a very nice piece of kit indeed. I think I would be happy fishing a selection like this just about anywhere!

Djordje is an excellent fly tyer – far better than I, in fact that probably goes for just about everyone. The all inclusive price of 250GBP works out at the box costing 10GBP (which is a superb deal, because the box should be around 25-30GBP), 2GBP per fly and free worldwide shipping.

At 2GBP per fly, yes you are looking at a quality fly, first class hook, a proper professional fly tyer who can truly fish as well. To put this in perspective when I was selling flies (I know, “who the hell would buy them?”) 30-odd years ago I was selling them for 50p per fly. I reckon 2GBP nowadays is an excellent deal.

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