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After extensive research, I have so far found it possible to walk upon water only when conditions dictate... i.e. it must be really cold. Wading on stillwaters, on the whole, I actively discourage since it scares fish. There are times when stillwater wading is the most sensible option. Upon rivers however, there is a little rule: never cast across a current you can happily wade over - so wading is encouraged under these circumstances. In the salt there is another rule: don't play with sharks. For a few years I was all for introducing a couple of sharks into Ardleigh Reservoir. After long discussions it was felt inappropriate. A mistake the management well and truly regret, since they have now ceased as a trout fishery. A couple of sharks back then was just what was needed.

A tip: when wading always attempt to keep one foot on the ground. Technically speaking anything else is either running or swimming. Both are inappropriate; flyfishing is the sport of gentlemen.

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