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Sinking Line

Fly line that is designed to sink. Not to be confused with a floating line that sinks which is a sinking floating line, not a sinking line. This can become a gray area as there are intermediate lines that sink very slowly but will float if a floatant dressing is applied. Then there are 'hover' lines that submerge but hold just under the surface to avoid 'waking' in calm conditions. Sinking lines (proper) come in many different designs. Simplest are a uniform coating over the entire length of the flyline.

Now there are 'uniform' or 'density compensated' coatings to enable the tip of line to sink in line with the belly. Also there are sink tip or sink head designs that have a floating portion behind the front sinking section to facilitate mending or line handling when retrieved. Manufacturers offer a range of sink rates or speeds to suit different situations.

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