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See Trichoptera (only kidding). A adult sedge or "caddis" is a aquatic moth like creature with tent shaped wings and two long antennae. They can provide sport at any time of the day, but are best known for their evening egg laying activities during mid summer. They lay eggs while dipping and fluttering across the water surface. The fish have to move fast to catch them and therefore the rise form is a splashy one. Sedge fishing with dry flies down and across rivers is fantastic sport - when it works.

The sedge larvae often builds a little home for itself out of bottom vegetation and stones. We call this the cased caddis. The black lure invented by Bob Church, was initially an imitation of a cased caddis that built it's home with burnt black straw... or so the story goes.

The sedge pupa is rather a fast mover by nymph standards and fish feeding on these do so with a characteristic "whorl" - or giant swirl.

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