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Invented by accident in the late 1920's by Wallace H. Carothers whilst researching pioneering work into giant molecules for the Dupont Corp., Nylon was the first totally synthetic textile fibre. Wallace and Dupont shot to fame over night when the product was first commercialised in the late 1930's when used in ladies stockings. Over 64 million pairs were sold in the first year.

Wallace also went on to invent other famous products such as Neoprene in the 1930.
Bet you didn't know that!

Also used as a base for fishing line since the 1930, it has changed little in this time with only recent developments into Fluorocarbon posing a (not too) serious challenge to this wonder product. Monofilament (made from Nylon) is also used as the core material in some fly lines notably popular 'Slime', or clear lines.
The invention of Nylon is heralded as one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century and quite possibly, all time.

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