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An edible spiny small-mouthed fish that lives in fresh water or salt water and is found all over the world. Family: Mugilidae Mullidae. The fish is just as difficult to catch on fly as Mugwai, unless you resort to chumming with bread. This will drive the mullet into a feeding frenzy, as they sense the smell of fresh bread in the water, much in the same manner as Mugwai or Great White Sharks when they smell blood, although not quite as scary.

By placing a breadcrumb-imitation in the feeding-area, one can catch mullet on tiny dries. They are good fighters and can be found in huge numbers in the harbour area of the South African city of Durban, among other locations.

Mullet is a favorite prey of Giant Trevally, and when mullet jump out of the water, the GTs can be near.

Courtesy of Vegard

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