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  • Somebody sent to another country by a church to spread its faith or to do social and medical work. Also called missioner. Quite common in Africa where they continue the tradition of wearing far too warm clothing, like three piece suits and funny hats. (No resemblance to the funny hats of flyfishing).

  • Somebody who tries to persuade others to accept or join something such as a belief, cause, or movement. The number of flyfishing missionaries are increasing. They try to convince, intimidate or bully, bait- or spin-fishermen to convert to the true faith of flyfishing. (Net- and dynamite-fishermen are considered eternally damned and totally unsavable). This is usually done by pointing out the inferior intelligence, or earlier evolutionary stage of the victim. A more direct approach - stating that bait- or spin-fishermen will go straight to hell unless they convert - has been tried. The success rate is not very high. According to modern research done on Flyfishing missioneering, the best flyfishing missionaries are those who lure their victims with the promise of sexy-gear, mixed in with a healthy dose of spiritual enlightenment and the promise that flyfishermen get more sex. Female flyfishing missionaries are highly successful, due to the high prevalence of male victims.

  • A rather boring, but comfortable sexual position. Probably one of the easiest positions to master, even though it is extremely difficult to combine with flyfishing. Only a true master can attain sexyloops while engaging in the missionary position. (It also takes a good deal of cooperation and good will from the collaborator).

  • A traditional wet-fly.

Courtesy of Vegard

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