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Fly Fishing

A creative way of spending more money than you can afford on bamboo, graphite, exotic feathers, and a bunch of other stuff that the woman you are dating will never really understand. This is less an activity and more of an affliction. The symptoms of said affliction include:

  • A compulsive urge to buy rods in every weight, flex index, length, and style ever made.
  • The ability to work fishing into every conversation you ever have: "You know, that reminds me of when I drifted this Adams to a 30 inch brown..."
  • The inability to take any vacation unless it somehow involves a fishing trip.
  • The inability to have a relationship that lasts over a month without "her" asking, "What do you do every night after work?...Can I come with you?" Also known as the fate worse than death!
Courtesy of Bradley "MadBrad" Wesner

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