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Flytying in Zakany

October 11th, 2009 No comments

We fished, we tied flies, we danced. Something I have noticed about flytying with friends, is that it is usually associated with alcohol. I don’t know why that is the case, but I don’t think it helps my flies. Anyway I showed them a few techniques which I’m sure really impressed them.

Bit of wet wading in the Drava. This surprised Peter I think, but I kept the temperature gauge dry so it’s no big deal.

Fantastic hanging out with Peter and his lovely wife, Juji (or Guji, or Geje). Interesting fact: all women in Zakany are called Juji in one form or another. I don’t know why but it certainly makes life easier.

The other dude is Atilla (fuck I hope I spelt that right). Atilla likes chillies – but he doesn’t eat them raw. I mean WTF? That’s what makes them exciting!

I look forward to seeing you guys again next April; we’ll go fish Croatia!

Cheers, Paul

PS I think Peter may be “illuminated” in the last picture.

Tying in Zakany

Tying in Zakany

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