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The Marc Machine

July 6th, 2009 No comments

Running in the evening was screwing up our day, having to worry about when and how much we ate – and it meant I didn’t get an evening shot at a fish. Running during the day is hard here when it’s 30 degrees and high humidity and Babus has to be in the hospital at 7am. So I’ve been up since 5! 10K run – and I have to say, sunrise was particularly beautiful, if slightly unexpected.

Came back, got online, uploaded the FP, checked out the Board, caught up on some emails and it’s pretty groovy.

40K on the Marc Machine. First ride of the season – I know, and the Hungarian Ironman is 6 weeks away – what am I doing practising so early? And fun to get out on the bike; there’s a nice route around the villages here. Back to work now, have some lines to chuck, got a flybox to organise, going to lift some weights. Tonight we’re swimming in the lake and fishing (of course). Fucking fantastic!

The Marc Machine

The Marc Machine

The Marc Machine surprisingly has yet to be camo’d.

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