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When God speaks, Listen!

April 5th, 2011 No comments

I started the day doing a few drifts close to reeds for a pike. John was with me for a while in the morning and moved 3 pike to my 0 but got none into the boat.. when he left i went down the lake in search of buzzer feeding trout, I found none but rose one trout of about 1lb blind. on the same drift something told me (God I think!) to reel in the trout flies and fire out the big dog for a pike. I did. I counted down the first cast for about 5 seconds then stripped away, 1,2,3,4 boom! A super fight followed from a large tail walking pike of about 17lbs. Because it was the first cast in open water more suited to trout (or so i thought) i assumed there must be loads of pike in the area. I did a lot more drifts in similar water but did not get another pull. This day on the water taught me 5 things.

1. I need a bigger net (a weigh net preferably).. two failed attempts because the fish was too long!

2. I need a tripod for the camera so that I’m not fumbling around trying to set it up on a boat seat and I need to know the distance to be away from the camera so that i don’t cut the head off any more fish!

3. While fishing for trout it pays to make a few casts every hour for pike. Pike water can be discovered this way that wouldn’t otherwise be.

4. Don’t hold a pike like a trout. (as in pic!) I reckon the best way to hold them is gently but firmly by the gill cover while supporting the flanks or belly.

5. When God speaks, Listen!

Next weekend John and I are heading to Lough Lene to meet and fish with a gang of anglers from the Irish Pike flyfishers association. More on that in about a week. Have a good one!

Ronan..   PS. I also learned that Paul should send me a free hat!

A good pike finally, and one I'll never forget..



In and on the Water…

March 30th, 2011 No comments

Not many fish to report from the weekend but it was not all bad. I managed one nice trout in flat calm conditions on Corrib with Dad on thursday. I fished with just 2 buzzers on a 5lb flourocarbon leader. If there was any breeze at all  would have been fishing 3 or 4. I’ll tie a few for a blog in the near future.

Friday I was on sea without a flyrod with my good friend Fuzz.. We got a feed the old fashioned way with our hands and spears!

Saturday Fuzz and I fished the Corrib for both pike and trout but we had no success. I did explore a large chunk of the lake i never fished before and did not see a single fish. Conditions were tough once again. I’m really looking forward to a day on this lake when everything is just right.

By the way there are still no pike near Maam! Bad mistake putting my boat there for the early part of the season.. I’ll know better next year!

Enjoy the week! Ronan..

Where in this 44,000 acres are they?!?

February 9th, 2011 No comments

Sunday was the fourth or fifth time out on Corrib from Maam this year.  I put the bad fishing the first few times down to adverse weather conditions but now I believe the pike just aren’t in this part of the lake yet. Corrib is a massive body of water and pike, like trout, probably have movement patterns around the lake throughout the year. I won’t fish out of Maam again for a while. John and I fished hard all day for one small pike. There were 3 polish lads spinning and trolling in the same area and they did not catch any fish at all so this backs up my theory. Next weekend John and Iwill fish out of Oughterard. We’ll crack them yet! Just have to find them first…

I forgot my camera so had to use my phone! My apologies for the slightly dark images.

Later! Ronan..  (stuntman ci)

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Just a few shots from a mad week!

November 15th, 2010 No comments
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November 5th, 2009 No comments

Fishing today with Sean for a couple of hours on my mum’s river. I only fish it a couple of times/year at the most. Some better pike. Lost the first fish, landed the next two. Interesting takes, had to jiggle the fly in front of their noses. Bigger fish was 8lbs, the other was slightly under. Not bad.

This river got wiped out maybe 5 years ago following some fool tipping varnish down a drain – killing double figure carp and everything else for two kilometres. The past couple of years it’s been full of small jacks and appears now to be well on its way to full recovery. Very very sad to see a river full of dead fish. It will take a long time for the carp population to recover but given time they should.

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