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Summer fishing

June 24th, 2012 No comments

Well apart from the complete fuckup in not making it over to Italy for the weekend, it’s been a good week. I have a new fence, steps and alarm system installed. This week while the Drava is dirty we’ll be extending my roof slightly for a covered outdoor eating area. on Friday, Peter and I fished the Drava. Peter caught a nice Asp on dusk, I missed one!

Dibbling Caddises

June 3rd, 2012 No comments

A fistful of shots from the weekend… (I have a shot of Atilla dreaming of bears, which is on my phone and I’ll post later!)

First Bass

May 23rd, 2009 No comments

If you’re waiting for an email from me, I’m sorry, there are still unanswered emails in my previous computer and getting them out of there is proving hard! I’m enjoying the Mac now, my only real criticism is that the two USB ports are too close together and, for all the good it does, there may as well be only one.

Anyway, sod that, was out teaching today, on Peter’s lake, which was good, there were actually more people flyfishing today that bait fishing, so that was interesting! And the best news is that Peter the Pig Hunter lands his first fish on fly – a Bass. He then goes on to repeat the experience and so now he’s officially joined the Brotherhood.

The Drava is very dirty at the moment, even the backwater I was planning to fish last week. This Monday I buy the kayak. If it means we can’t afford to connect electricity to Latohead because I spent the last of my dosh on a kayak then we’ll just have to use candles. And it will be romantic… apart from the cold showers.

Peter's first Bass on fly.

Peter's first Bass on fly.

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Welcome to the Sexyloops Flyblog

May 18th, 2009 No comments

While we’re updating various aspects of the Sexyloops site, I’ve decided to launch Flyblog, which is really a flyfishing blog as opposed to a flytying one. (I know that will come as a relief to many people.. but there will be flies, and good ones). I’m doing some new funky fishing at the moment – well it’s new to me anyway, and because it’s new it’s going to help me to keep a diary.

Sunrise over Latohegy

Sunrise over Latohegy

So this is the current situation. I was up at 4.30 am this morning, which will come as a complete surprise to everyone who knows me, especially when I tell you that I went to bed first. Armed with a small white rabbit zonker that I tied last night, fishing with a new mate of mine here in Hungary, called Peter. Now before you think I mean Peter aka Skeg, I don’t, I mean Peter the Pig Hunter. Everyone here in Hungary is either called Peter, Adam, Balzac or Zoltan. In fact it’s either illegal or you need special permission to name your child anything else. You can’t name your child Zonker or Salmon for example, because those names are not allowed. I don’t know why.

Peter the Pig Hunter

Peter the Pig Hunter

Anyway, here while living in Hungary, which will probably be for most of the summer, I have options to fish the Drava River, which is about 300m for Mancamp Latohead, and where I fished this morning. Here supposedly one can find big Asps, Barbel, Pike, Catfish, Chub and Sturgeon for all I know. Mostly I fantasize about catching big Asp, interspersed with big Barbel, for a change. I don’t fantasize about catching Chub, although this morning a couple of Chub would have been welcome, especially – but not essentially – big ones.

Waiting for the hatch

Waiting for the hatch.

As well as the Drava there is Lake Geykenyes, which has big Catfish (200lbs big), Pike, Asp and so on. I’m going to buy a season license to fish Geykenyes this week. Peter the Pig Hunter manages a small lake between Geykenyes and the Drava, it has a name but I have no idea what it is. We will call it Peter the Pig Hunter’s lake. There are black bass on Peter’s lake and the plan is to catch them all tomorrow because the Drava is extremely high and coloured at the moment. The Drava starts its journey somewhere in Italy and is snowmelt.

Casting on the Drava

Casting on the Drava

Further afield there is Lake Balaton, which is good for Asp and I also fish the Duna/Danube River upsteam of Budapest from time to time. Ok I have to get Tonio’s FP ready for tomorrow, tie some Bass flies, get myself out of email-hell.

Cheers, Paul