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Rabbit wrap-free

June 13th, 2012 No comments

Here’s one method of tying rabbit zonkers wrap-free. You can of course tie on a mono-loop (which doesn’t really work well, unless you insert the mono inside the strip, which is better). Also there is the String Leech (Matt has a great sequence on Sexyloops) – I used his method to tie the Wine Fly, so called because it fell into a glass of red wine overnight… I lost this fly and then several days after losing it on a strike (this is a true story) I somehow miraculously landed it between fish. It’s still in my box. The problem – maybe – with this method is that fish that hit the front third don’t get hooked, however I’m beginning ┬áto suspect that more fish will be hooked with a rear hook – something to trial.

Oh and capers are best eaten with honey. That’s a Sexyloops’ first (maybe)…