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November 1st, 2009 No comments

A bit of a late night flytying with Palinka. We managed to drink it all, which is a relief. No idea how we managed to get up at 8am, phew, these early morning starts are always hard. Personally I’ve never had a problem getting up with the sun, but I’m not sure Sean has been up this early before. And it was obviously that Snake had never been up this early too, in fact he had to pack in and sleep in the car for a few hours. Anyway we caught some fish. Trevor had eight I think – or something like that – certainly he had more than me, on a secret gold head daddy… because you know, that’s what the fish were on. I had five on Bibios and other stuff like that.

Lost a really nice fish early on in the day. Could have been five pounds. Probably MUCH more. Bastard.