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Winter Pike playing hard to get.

December 25th, 2011 No comments

A couple of trips out last week in Hungary. The first was an Asp fishing trip down the Drava, which seems low and perfect, but we couldn’t find any fish whatsoever. Winter has been very mild for Hungary this year – I believe this is the case all over Europe. Night times are sub-zero, true, but the lakes haven’t frozen yet. Or actually they hadn’t until I went fishing with Erno for pike. The water we wanted to fish had frozen, so we went somewhere else, and while we had an enjoyable time fishing a small snowstorm, we caught no fish! Anyway, it was nice to be out.

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Casting with Erno

December 5th, 2010 No comments

My flight was cancelled to Gatwick, because of deep 1″ snow, and so I flew to Heathrow instead and got ripped off by BA. Anyway on the sunny side it gave Erno and I a chance to eat Japanese food and cast in the park. The “other” picture is some chipping I have to do, if I can actually get the bloody chipper to run for more than five minutes, I’ll have this lot clearer quicker than you can cast 130ft.

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