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Back to the water

June 17th, 2009 No comments

Yeah I know. But what with the EFTTEX here in Budapest and the recent cart upgrades in Flytackle Europe there hasn’t been much exciting to write about apart from the Sexyloops FP. That said our cabin is now in Hungary, waiting to be delivered to Latohegy. We’ll be building the base (hopefully) within the next week or so AND building the cabin and then I’ll truly be living on the water again – thankfully. Busy as hell at the moment, what with that, Sexyloops, Flytackle Europe, Ironman training and of course: the Drava is clear.

So that’s all gone to hell now, hasn’t it?

I got there pretty late this morning, with Peter, probably about 9.30, expecting it to be high and discoloured. And although it is quite high, and a little discoloured, it is very fishable indeed. We were way too late in the day to do any good – it’s like 30 degrees here in daytime Hungary, if you know what I’m saying – but I did move a fish from under the banks. I suspect it was an Asp but I didn’t get a good enough look – it could have been a decent chub – be that as it may, it’s all about to happen – and if there’s fish under the banks it’s going to be interesting.

Tomorrow morning 4am: I’ll be there.


PS Lots of grasshoppers around. Very bright green. I feel a flytying session coming on..

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