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First Bass

May 23rd, 2009 No comments

If you’re waiting for an email from me, I’m sorry, there are still unanswered emails in my previous computer and getting them out of there is proving hard! I’m enjoying the Mac now, my only real criticism is that the two USB ports are too close together and, for all the good it does, there may as well be only one.

Anyway, sod that, was out teaching today, on Peter’s lake, which was good, there were actually more people flyfishing today that bait fishing, so that was interesting! And the best news is that Peter the Pig Hunter lands his first fish on fly – a Bass. He then goes on to repeat the experience and so now he’s officially joined the Brotherhood.

The Drava is very dirty at the moment, even the backwater I was planning to fish last week. This Monday I buy the kayak. If it means we can’t afford to connect electricity to Latohead because I spent the last of my dosh on a kayak then we’ll just have to use candles. And it will be romantic… apart from the cold showers.

Peter's first Bass on fly.

Peter's first Bass on fly.

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