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Afloat on Lake Balaton

August 6th, 2012 No comments

A few shots from  the weekend, not very dramatic I know. Another scorcher of a day forecast for tomorrow. I’ll run right through the middle of it – the evenings just feel hotter!

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August 1st, 2012 No comments

(the vegetarian)

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Hungarian Ironman 2012

July 30th, 2012 No comments

Here’s a few shots from Saturday…

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Gacka Meet

July 23rd, 2012 No comments

A great weekend with friends, as well as a few fish!

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Weekend on Balaton

July 15th, 2012 No comments

Just back from a weekend at the Balaton. Here is the map! My boat is in a harbour at Keszthely. It was pretty dirty and hasn’t been used in two years! Still it’s sort of clean now and ready for an Asp fishing Adventure. I’m looking forward to a long Asp Sail.

The Balaton

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Fishing Ribnik with John

July 13th, 2012 No comments

Just a few images from the last three days. Fishing was by far best in the last hour of daylight and slightly beyond. Had a cracking grayling today – it’s on John’s camera. Best moment may have been a double hook-up with John’s brown and my grayling caught on dark. Almost all fish caught on size 22 CDCs. Had a cracking evening tonight including plenty of nice fish.

Hungary later today… Asp await!

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The Ride

July 3rd, 2012 No comments

Since leaving the Marc Machine with Jono in West Australia and my time trial bike with Jo in New Zealand, I’ve had to buy a bike for Hungary and this is it! Lighter than anything else I’ve ridden with carbon forks. I may yet put aerobars on the handle. Have been enjoying the ride recently, even though it’s been rather warm. Running is good, need to spend plenty of time on the bike now and in the water at every opportunity (not together).

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Almost finished (thank goodness!)

July 2nd, 2012 No comments

Here is the flytying area of Latohegy, perfect for tying Royal Fuckups through summer storms.

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The flytying hut…

June 28th, 2012 No comments

Here we will be tying flies, eating Latohegy Pizza and drinking the local Palinka mosquito repellant. There will be a roof, because once a month it rains in Hungary during the summer and when it does you certainly need one.

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School Latohegy (as built by God)

June 27th, 2012 No comments

Yes I know, but the pictures speak for themselves…

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