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Hanningfield and Rutland

Sean, Peter and I fished Hanningfield first, and apart from the concrete, and Peter catching all the fish, it was a great day. I fell asleep at one point of course, having discussed flyrod mechanics all night with Bernd. But eventually we found an interesting spot where two currents came together exactly where Peter was fishing. And so he caught them all.

Actually he didn’t, as the photos prove, instead he caught 5, Sean 1 and I caught the two biggest fish in the lake.

Sean had to go home that night, I’m not sure why exactly, but I think Peter’s socks had something to do with it. And so Peter and I went to Rutland. Rutland is one of my favourite fisheries and it’s always interesting. This time was no exception, fish were close to the banks over weedbeds and I have a really cool rabbit cat’s whisker – the Bunny Cat – which has a very enticing, perhaps even sexy, wiggle.

And the results reversed exactly. I managed to catch 5 to Peter’s 2. Peter has since committed suicide and broken his rod, so no fishing tomorrow.

Some very nice moments, excellent takes (always is, watching a white fly on the retrieve) and tremendous fights. These fish remind me very much of NZ back-end fish. If I lived in England this is where I would live.

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