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Living in a ski-suit

November 22nd, 2011

I made the decision, this year, to not live under bridges on a diet of raw apples and roadside blackberries, but instead to have a couple of months of hard work, designing tackle, so that I can get rich quick and return to sunnier climes a prince, or duke or a king maybe. In the meantime I’ve finally finished Latohegy, all apart from the water heating system which involves soldering copper, a task which is, of course, completely impossible. When I say “finished” I am referring only to the inside, and to the inside of the cabin at that. I’m not referring to the cellar, the outside bath, the pizza oven and seating area, the outdoor flytying room, the ten miles of fence, the vineyards, the three lakes (one of which is for casting, the other two containing large black bass), the mermaid statue water fountains, the house I’m actually going to live inĀ or any of the other things that will prevent me fishing or fucking 24hrs/day.

But even so, it’s comes as both relief and surprise to have finished something that I started, and since I can’t recall ever being in this position before, I went fishing…

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