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The “touring” Marc Machine

December 26th, 2010 No comments

This is as far as I’ve got in kitting out the Marc Machine for Australia. New panniers, new racks, handlebar bag, rack top bag – all waterproof – and of course a funky TCR tube attachment. With a bit of practise I should be able to fit the rod together while on the road. In fact I’ve been very busy; new tent, new sleeping bag and travel books. There’s still a lot else to put together and I have yet to organise my flies…

The Marc Machine

The Arctic Wastelands of Coggeshall

December 20th, 2010 No comments

Yet another icy glove grips the unsuspecting village of Coggeshall, causing Trev’s wipers to pack-up. When interviewed later an official spokesman said, “He [Trevor] was quite mad to drive, escort vans are not – and never were – intended for the Arctic. It’s a miracle he’s still alive.” God says: “Well I wouldn’t call it a miracle per se, but I was in the neighbourhood .” The exact cause of Trev’s wipers packing up is still being studied, however it is thought that driving into a hedge was partly to blame.

Even the ducks have migrated South.

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Casting with Erno

December 5th, 2010 No comments

My flight was cancelled to Gatwick, because of deep 1″ snow, and so I flew to Heathrow instead and got ripped off by BA. Anyway on the sunny side it gave Erno and I a chance to eat Japanese food and cast in the park. The “other” picture is some chipping I have to do, if I can actually get the bloody chipper to run for more than five minutes, I’ll have this lot clearer quicker than you can cast 130ft.

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