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Black Friday

Up at 4 this morning for a bit of a fish, got out to the car only to discover that some bastard’s broken in with a crowbar and pinched both my flytying kit and a chainsaw. So I go fishing and Peter’s lake is in flood, the Drava is pouring in and it changes colour and comes up about a foot while we’re there. I catch what could be a small carp, but I see some bigger ones, including one that follows to the boat and another which eats. There are carp moving amongst the reeds. Kind of interesting if not very productive. I think come summer when carp are eating bugs then all these lakes will be fun.

So I seem to average one break-in a year. I’ve had a couple of cars broken into in the UK, twice now in Hungary, a bunch of times in Australia – four maybe, once in NZ. Never in America or Canada. And it’s never very good for me, there’s always fishing gear stolen and usually some tools. Although this is the first time I’ve lost a flytying kit…

“How was work tonight, dear?”
“Fantastic, got this chainsaw.”
“Wow, lovely, looks almost brand new!”
“Yep, can only have been used once or twice at the most.”
“They simply must promote you to Master Criminal after this!”
“Any day now.”
“What else did you get?”
“I also got this squirrel skin, could be roadkill.”
[pause] “Squirrel skin?”
“Yes, and some fur that could be from a Seal. I think they smoke it.”
“They smoke Seal’s Fur?”
“And look shedloads of Tungsten Beads.”
“Who smokes Seal’s Fur?”
“And if I’m not mistaken that could be fur from Ram’s Testicles…”

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