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Stormy weather

Went to bed with storms, got up to storms, and I haven’t been eating beans. In fact it’s been cold and raining for most of the day here in Naggashagga. I don’t mind a bit of cold and rain when I go fishing – in fact I love it – but the oxbow which is normally clear is flooded out. So that doesn’t leave me with many fishing options at the moment. Which kind of sucks. I really have to get my Lake Geykenyes ticket sorted out ASAP. That will at least open up Carp fishing opportunities (and I’ve had both Pike and Asp out of Geykenyes – so it should be good).

Anyway I’ve been on a mission to sort out my flytying kit. At first I was going to create some sort of new funky box thing, but I changed my mind and decided to stick all the materials I don’t use in a separate box and just keep the bits I need in the small tool box I’ve been using for the last five years. Tonight I will be tying black leeches for Catfish.

The mobile flykit, fully organised until it flips over.

The mobile flykit, fully organised until it flips over.

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