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What with Cherry giving birth to Rambo the Jacuzzi and us releasing the Flycasting Definitions I haven’t had a great deal of time to cast a line in the last two days. I managed to get to Latohead this afternoon for a grass-killing session and a machete track-making trip down to the river. The river is high and still dirty. Bollocks. Still summer is great at the moment, 31 degrees today, although 14 degrees by the end of the week?? WTF is that all about?

Tomorrow back to the early starts now the dogs are taking care of themselves. Mosquitoes can be pretty bad down there but tomorrow I won’t be wearing shorts. Apparently my sister wants to marry a Congolese born-again Christian called Dieu Merci. It’s all happening.

Down at the Drava with my Machete

Down at the Drava with my Machete

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