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Bit of a late start this morning, and I headed up to Latohegy for a lunchtime fish – thought I’d have a look at the river, see if I could temp a chub or nail a pike – but the view from Latohead said it all: Chocolate. And rather than drive down to one of the oxbows and fight it out with the mozzies and lack of kayak (£300 by the way, looking for a second hand one), I decided that instead I’d whip out the chainsaw and do some tree surgery… I know I know, WTF?, but I’ll fish the backwater tomorrow and I have a flytying night lined up tonight which will involve a few friends and some Palinka. You’ll see it here first.

Fantastic hanging out at Latohead by the way, 31 degrees today, summers in Hungary can be really warm – and there’s something very nice about owning some land. Latohegy (pronounced “Latohead”) is going to be our first Sexyloops School/Vineyard. There’s a bit of a mosquito hell down in the woods at the bottom so I spend most of my time at the top burning stuff.

View over the Drava River a couple of hours ago.

View over the Drava River a couple of hours ago.

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