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Dog tired

So I got up this morning at 3am. I know no one will believe me but it’s true. And in a change of plan I went to Lake Balaton with Peter the Pig Hunter, Farazs and Zsombar. The plan was to be there for dawn, and Peter and I would have made it, but we had to wait for the other guys because Zsombar had a pair of waders for Peter to wear. And they were late. But in the end it didn’t actually matter because the bloody wind was blowing into the shore, and that means one thing: no Asp.

Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe, it’s approximately the same size as Lake Taupo in NZ, although unlike Taupo its deepest point is only about 12 metres with an average depth of about 3. In places you can walk for half a kilometer from the shore and still keep the temperature gauge dry. Romans used to come here for thermal baths, wine drinking and orgies. Some of them may have fished for Asp. But they probably wouldn’t have caught very many, especially if it was windy. Because being such a shallow lake any wind quickly discolours the water and there goes your fishing.

So we carried on to the other side of the lake by catching a ferry to get there. It’s not dawn now and the sun is giving us bright light, which we don’t really want because Asps don’t like it and prefer low light. It’s not looking good, but Farazs catches one by mistake. We’re standing on a stone wall and he flings his fly out there. And as it lands a fish eats it. Which is great for Farazs and there are other Asps moving too. So there I was, planning the Fly Blog in my head, working out how I was going to talk about Farazs’ good luck and offer to go halves on a lottery ticket, when bingo, he does it again. So now he’s had two fish, and no one else has had any, unless you count the very small one I skillfully caught first thing in the morning, and that’s it.

I can’t think of anything else to say on the matter. Back to the Drava tomorrow. Balaton Bazdmeg.

Farazs and his lucky Asp number two. Peter the Pig Hunter casts in the foreground.

Farazs and his lucky Asp number two. Peter casts in the foreground

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