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Two Fish Tuesday

So just back from Black Bass fishing. Black Bass have been in Hungary since 1895 (I think – I found this fact using a quick search). I haven’t caught any from the main Drava river itself, but there are connected lakes and backwaters which host bass, and one of these is Peter’s lake. We were on the water at 4.30am this morning FFS, which meant I got up at 4am. I love mornings; they’re my favourite time of the day.

First black bass took a white rabbit, the second took a damsel nymph. I missed one other. So that’s just great. Up at 4am for two fish. And they’re not exactly monsters. Tomorrow however I think life could get interesting, because I’ve found another backwater which could be fantastic. It’s long, probably a good thousand metres, I’ve seen bass, I’ve heard stories of pike and big asp and I’m off to buy a kayak, because flyfishing in the jungle doesn’t look like much fun here.

Most people wouldn’t be able to do this fishing because they wouldn’t be able to cope with the early starts.

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