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Will Nick pass? :-)


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Since the last upload Nick and I have discussed roll casts and he has been over for a lesson and a curry.

So the big question on everyone's lips is "will he pass?"

Well it would be very unfair of me to comment on this and so I won't and besides I am not one of the examiners and so I have no idea. Of course I sincerely hope that he does pass! I believe that it will take him into a flycasting world where everyone shares ideas and has the genuine desire to learn, no matter what age; and that just has to be good.

Nick would be the first to admit that he was a bit rocky on the mechanics of the cast when he first came into this. We have fixed this of course :-)

I had a close look at his casting style and spent most of the day trying to smarten up his back stroke. The last time I met Nick was around about a year ago and his style has changed slightly to include a hook into the backcast (by this I mean that the rod tip is travelling in a path out to his side as opposed to straight up and down in a vertical line; the loop follows this path and travels off to the side of the rod). For the AAPGAI they will want to see the line travel directly over the rod tip for both forward and backcasts (since this makes for both a more efficient loop and better transfer of energy from the rod to the line).

Although Nick has a little work to do, he now knows the areas to work upon and will be spending the last 72 hrs leading up to his exam standing in a field weilding a rod around his head...

Nick Hart and his shoes... :-)

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