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After the lesson

Karen went fishing. We chose a nice looking estuary with a bit of a flow happening. It wasn't a particularly easy place to fish, but she performed admirably. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the fish. Of course I'm not the greatest saltwater flyfisher in the world, it is quite conceivable, in fact, that I am indeed one of the world's worst, and so it is possible that we were doing something tragically wrong. Anyway had we been trout fishing Karen would have caught something.

This is Queensland. No trout hereabouts. Still, if the mountain won't come and all that jazz…

So the plan is to (a) understand saltwater fly well enough for Karen to catch some large angry trevally and (b) fly Karen to some wilderness trout fishing in New Zealand. This is The Experience after all and no expense will be spared, and if any airlines/lodge services wish to get involved then we will be most pleased to hear from you :-)

Karen's after the lesson comments

First of all I would like to thank you Paul, for being so patient and understanding. I am a hard student, because I have Karenexpectations of my ability to learn, and when I am struggling I start to doubt myself…….!!!!!! THANKS

Lesson three really tested Paul's ability as an instructor to deal with these situations and that he did very well.

The wind again was difficult to contend with. It does tend to make it extra hard to practise casting when you have only had a few lessons. It seems like I have to do this the hard way.

I find myself having conflict with momentum. When I first arrive I have to reduce the power in the cast by at least half, and this does take me a little time to do so. Also I have to tune into the, flick back and the flick forward. When I settle in and start to watch these actions, then I see improvement. Looking forward to the next lesson Paul, thanks again.

Paul's after the lesson comments

I am now back in the UK and Karen is busy fishing on her own, and she is fishing!mouth cast I have sent a replacement tip section and have left my saltwater flies behind. So there are no excuses! My plan is to fish NZ this winter and so I'll drop by to teach her the double-haul on the way. I think she is probably ready for this now, and she certainly will be by the time I return.

This was an interesting lesson for me (they are all interesting lessons). And I look forward to hearing about her first fish on the fly!

Good luck Karen; and in the meantime be sure to keep us updated on your section of the bulletin board!

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