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After the Lesson

You can now go fishing. We didn't. Well actually, I did, but I may as well not have done. Karen was more sensible and lay in the sun and took photos. But you are now in the position where you can go fishing.

If you do then please do one thing: WEAR SUNGLASSES.

If you are casting and you catch the hook in your eye you will loose your eye. The impact will very likely cause your eyeball to explode. I want you to think about that very carefully for a moment. I say this so that you will wear sunglasses. I always do and I know what I'm doing. I can cast really well and I always protect my eyes.

Also please be fully aware of your backcast. Children in particular are completely unaware of the dangers. Imagine how you'd feel if you hooked a child's eye.

Sorry for being graphic, but this is important stuff to get through.

Now I know that you are aware of the dangers and will be careful, however fishing is very absorbing and requires total concentration. It can be trance-like. Christ, it IS trance-like. For this very reason take care when passing behind another angler. Your backcast is going behind you 10 yards. An experienced caster can have a backcast travelling some 20 yards behind him. The safest option is to let him know you are there. A pleasant 'G'day mate' is often all it takes!


Before your next lesson I expect you to practice. Go for that flycasting feeling. Try to fit in three to four hours of practice, half an hour to one hour at a time. Don't overdo it! Four hours all at once will just make you frustrated!

The Movie

This is a short movie of Karen casting. It's worth downloading as it helps to give some atmosphere! It also explains something else...

Karen's appraisal

Paul Arden and my 'Sexyloops' fly fishing experience

'How was my experience?' asks Paul.
Well, let me see now, 'my first experience?'
Mmm! After tracking through the mangroves of the Noosa river, and mind you! That so happened to be the long way around! So, I got in a little exercise on the way.

Hey guy's! That's my first paragraph ever, what do you think? You don't like it, that's okay! (I do) And guess what? This is my second paragraph! Anyway, the first lesson with Paul. Okay!

After the hike, we settled in to 'the' spot, Paul began to guide me through the practices of `The Art of Fly Fishing`. I have in the past enjoyed line fishing, but this, fly technique of fishing is very creative, flowing, gentle and smooth as silk.

That's just my thoughts, but hey, this is my first time ever! My overhead cast 'does'! need a little work, and for the roll cast (that, does look like a sail) looks good...!

This first lesson was a lesson indeed. He is the best casting instructor in the world, but hey, what do I know, after all he is the only casting instructor I know!!

But seriously, I had a wonderful time, having my 'intro' to the world of fly fishing. Paul has a great talent with his methods for teaching, and plenty of patience!

Thanks Paul.

Paul's appraisal

The teaching Karen experience

So OK, I showed Karen the mangroves. You know what they say about men: that we never get lost; we only explore alternative destinations. And the mangroves are nice.

Karen picked up the technique quickly - thank goodness :-)

She's left-handed which I think is an advantage. Most left-handed pupils I get pick up right handed casting very quickly. This is probably due to their initial attempts with the pen. But hey, what do I know; I'm right-handed!

Anyway I taught myself to cast with the left hand a couple of years ago - that's an article in it's own right. It took about 5 yrs to crack and can still annoy the hell out of me.

Karen's overhead cast had the usual beginners faults, mainly the low backcast windmill look-a-like display. The roll cast she picked up instantly, even if she does think that it looks like a sail.

I don't think I'm being sexist here, just making an observation, but women, in my experience, pick up the flycasting feeling quicker than men. I'm looking forward to Karen's second lesson. Now she has to go away and practice what she's learnt.
Thanks Karen!

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