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is that a wind knot I see?
...a bit of a demo
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Simon Gawesworth of Rio replies...

Hi Paul

Good to hear from you again.

Thanks for thinking of us. The WindCutter lines do throw a tighter loop than a standard weight forward or double taper over a shorter length - upto about 30'. Once you exceed the 30' the loops will be no different than an equivalent weight DT or WF. The reason for the loop reduction is that the tip of the WindCutter is one line size lighter than it's AFTM number (eg a 5 weight line has a 4 weight tip to it, then the rear portion of the head is a 6 weight). This lighter tip is thinner and slices through the air faster than a regular 5 weight, plus, as there is less weight, the rod tip doesn't flex as much, which in turn keeps the loop smaller. However, once you get to 30' the line weight is going to weigh the same and the loop will be back to a regular size.

I hope this helps and thanks again for your support.

Let me know if I can be of any help again.

Kindest regards

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Peter Sutton AAPGAI replies

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