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Bruce Richards replies...


Thanks for forwarding this question along, it is an interesting one. I do all Scientific Anglers line taper design and am also an experienced caster and instructor. I'm sorry I couldn't log onto your site to track the thread of the conversation, your site name doesn't pass muster with our corporate internet censors!

In my experience, the profile of a line has little to do with the size loop that can be thrown. As you correctly stated, the path of the rod tip during the casting stroke determines the size of the loop.

Line taper can affect how the loops turn over, however, and that can affect following loops. For example, level lines turn over very abruptly and "kick" badly. This makes it very difficult to achieve a straight line at the end of the turnover. If the line is not straight at the end of one cast it is difficult to make the next cast with a nice tight loop as the casting stroke has to be adjusted significantly to accomodate the slack. This makes it difficult to maintain a straight tip path, hence, tight loops.

If the line being cast has a reasonably well designed front taper to prevent the line from kicking out of shape then it should be possible to throw a nice tight loop. The key to tight loops is tip path and having a straight line to start with. I am assuming that line weight, line stiffness, etc. are all equal.

It makes good sense to cast multiple fly rigs with more open loops, which is easily accomplished by adjusting the casting stroke longer so that the rod tip travels in an upward arc rather than straight. More weight on the leader and larger loops (more wind resistance) require more power to deliver effectively. Normally, lines with more powerful front tapers handle this job most effectively.

Thanks for passing this question along Paul, if I can offer any assistance in the future please let me know. I wish I could monitor your site, it sounds as if you discuss some very interesting topics.

Bruce Richards
Product Development Engineer
Scientific Anglers/3M

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