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Excellent Flyfishing on the Möhnefluss

Mirjana and a hairy momentI'm about to suggest something different: a family holiday in Germany. Now don't misunderstand me, I'm not suggesting that you should rush out and get yourself a family in order to do this, nor even that you need a family; you could come here on your own or bring a friend, and you don't have to speak very good German either, or even any, but if you were to have a family then bringing them to the Möhnefluss would be a pretty fine idea.

Flyfishing Brinkhoff leases six miles of interesting Möhne River, flowing through natural woods and a scenic reserve, there is challenging fishing, over 100 pools, with deep flowing curves, overhanging trees and complicated tree roots. It's mainly trout fishing, partly stocked - yes you will find the odd large rainbow here, however these are in prime condition. There's also plenty of browns, some grayling, lake trout from the Möhne and even the odd brookie.

There's a variety of flows, for the middle of Germany this is exciting stuff, and the water has a good mayfly hatch and contains plenty of shrimp life. However for me, the most impressive asset is that it's not manicured or tamed, but instead left in its natural state which goes to make the fishing a little more technical than you'd expect.

Charles Jardine close to balancing pointCharles admiring the result of bugging

For those in the family thing (did I say box?) there's plenty to be done in the surrounding area; sailing, biking, getting lost in the forest, sight-seeing, swimming and hiking. The Möhne is well provided for by guest houses, hotels, glorious beer gardens, restaurants (the Loagshof is a good one, Geronimo's is another - although the latter is a bit trendy).

I've fished the river a couple of times now. The first was early season with Charles Jardine when we came over to do a show together (Charles went bugging while I went casting) and the second later on in high summer.

A lovely brown troutThe summer fishing was excellent despite air temperatures in mid thirties, the water was still a cool 17 degrees, and fish fed happily fed throughout the day. Grasshoppers were everywhere and I fared well with Competition Humpy.

The Möhne is close to Dortmund and even if you're only travelling through it's well worth the visit. I'm told there's some good pike fishing in the Möhnesee (near Porno Beach, also worth a visit, although I'm not sure it will help your flytying). The fishing costs 25 Euros per day and is arranged through Flyfishing Brinkhoff. Places are limited to 10 so early booking is recommended.

The fishing is barbless, fly only, knotless mesh and one trout only of 35-45 cm may be kept for an additional 10 euros. Catch and release is expected.

The Möhnesee is approx three hours drive from the Hook of Holland, five hours from Calais and the local airports are Paderborn and Dortmund.

Marcus in the sticksFor further details contact:

Flyfishing Brinkhoff International
Linkstr. 27 D-59519 Möhnesee
Tel 02924-87430 Fax 874328

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