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Hotter than a Potato

Monday, 16 July 2018

The Sexyloops Hot Torpedo is only fly rod in the world that comes with a full operator's manual and free lifetime support. Not only that but it knocks the spots off all other fly rods both in performance and in looks and can be fully customised for no extra charge. These are fishing rods however, and have a stealth matt finish, without the bling of gay fly fishing rods. If you want a pink or yellow gay fly fishing rod, that spooks fish, then drop us a line and we will recommend a local doctor who can help you and we will send you some bangers so that you can let the fish know where you are at all times. Sexyloops fly rods catch fish, and unlike the competition, you don't need to up-line (use a heavier line than AFFTA standard) to use it, because a) we design Sexyloops rods around AFFTA conforming flylines and b) we will teach you how to handle your rod like a pro. If you can't double haul yet then you have definitely come to the right place because over the past twenty years we have taught more people to Double Haul than anyone else!

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Where is the line?

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

I don’t have much to report from South Florida. I have not been fishing since a tarpon trip to the Keys. Otherwise, my involvement with flyfishing has been limited to practicing my casting, evaluating some rods, and teaching.
It has been on the teaching front where I have been having the most fun.

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Graphite Fly Rods Do Break

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Graphite fly rods did break 30 years ago, they still do break today and I think they will break always. Mostly that is when we do something wrong.

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Beer Bottles

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Tracy and I had a very pleasant evening’s fishing on the Dee in Corwen at the weekend, due to the very hot daytime temperatures we didn’t leave our home until 6pm but our new proximity to the river meant we were tackling up by 6:30. We headed for a spot where I’d seen rises on my previous visit and, sure enough, there was numerous tell-tale dimplings to indicate that there were still fish in the same location.

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Escaping the heat

Friday, 20 July 2018

Would have never thought I´d be longing for lower temperatures, but the current insane heatwave in southern Scandinavia is madness. Temps mostly around 30 C, the forest is bone dry. All open flame is banned, so no campfires. What is a fishing trip without a proper fire? ... Ah well ... good we are heading north today. The weather report promises lower temps. Oh I am so looking forward to an amazing trout and char fishing in Skålestrømmen. So see you around folks ...

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Summer and mackerel

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Summer is blazing away here in Denmark, thankfully with slightly lower temperatures and more wind than a few weeks ago. It's so dry here that there's a nationwide ban on bonfires, coal grills etc. because of the danger of setting a wildland fire.

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Guide As…

Sunday, 15 July 2018

I’d bet that if you asked most anglers what a fishing guide’s job is, they would respond with something like “to put me on the fish”, or “to help me catch fish”. I was a (trout) guide once, a few years back, and, while I did help a lot of people catch fish, I can remember the many other roles that I played. Most were enjoyable. Some were also ridiculous. I didn't get rich, but I had a lot of fun, and met some great people along the way.

Above all, I believe that the guides job is to show his/her clients a good time out on the water, while at the same time respecting the resource, and spreading goodwill. It took me a year of guiding to realize that it might not always be about catching loads of fish. Here are a few of my favorite roles that I played as a guide. Maybe a couple you haven't thought about.

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Ronan's Report

Winter Monsters!

Were lucky around here to have an abundance of winter fishing opportunities. There are 3 large rivers and lots of lakes in the vicinity all open to the angler willing to brave the elements (which usually aren’t that bad) and take it on. I haven’t been out this winter as much as I have in […]

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