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FP Archive

Taking Shots

Monday, 12 November 2018

Here is a day this week... zoomed down the lake for 50 mins flat out. Went looking for babies. Found three sets. First set babies were large and chased the fly before the adult got a glimpse. Second set I took a difficult shot that I thought was perfect but the light was poor and I could’t see the reaction or lack of. Third set spooked at the sound of the approaching thruster motor. In between I found a few patchy free-rising Snakehead but no shots made. Evening session I went chasing Gourami. Found two. One was a difficult shot - not a shot really - but I took it. Fish had gone. Other was an even more remote shot which I didn’t take and tried for a better position which didn’t materialise.

Thunder appeared and we fled but didn’t make it back. Torrential rain and lightning saw us shelter next to the shore for an hour or more and the eventual drive back was slow, dark, wet and sparked with lightning.

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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

I spent another day in a canoe flyfishing in the Everglades mangrove environment, this time solo. I was tempted to say I was in the back country, but the area I sampled would more accurately be described as “front country.” It a tough call as I got access to my intended fishing grounds by launching in the back.

Although you would never guess it by the weather, the wildlife knows the season has changed, and they are acting accordingly. After rounding just about every blind corner I spooked huge flocks of wading birds that have migrated south for the winter. It made me laugh that many of the areas that I frequent are reserved for non-motorized craft. One of the reasons for this restriction is so the wildlife is not bothered by the noise. The question arose: if these birds flee from me as I quietly paddle my canoe, at a distance hundreds of yards away, how could the sound of a small motor bother them any more? Don’t read this as I am complaining… I personally appreciate the quiet myself and love the fact that few other anglers are willing to put in the work necessary to get there.

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Brilliant Fly Fishing Week

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Our past week was as simple as that, just brilliant. We caught many fine fish and had a hell of a great time in German Pike-land.

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Dark Evenings

Thursday, 15 November 2018

We’ve not been up to much lately, finishing work when it’s already dark limits our fishing and casting activities somewhat – I’m not a fan of this time of year. We did manage a day on the Dee last week and it was fantastic to find rising grayling in a shallow, easily waded glide. We took turns presenting small klinks in a stretch of water that was no more than 150m long, as outside of this area we didn’t see any rises at all. We both managed lots of takes and quite a few fish, nothing big but good fun none the less. Tracy limited her fishing to maybe just 30 minutes as she’s determined to rid herself of the tennis elbow that’s been plaguing her for some time now, this means no casting practice for the remainder of the year.

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Reading current and water environment

Friday, 16 November 2018

You should fish around rocks and stones. End of currents and starts are good spots to fish. Also remember to fish mirrors. Don’t forget to fish edge of the streams. Also fishes might be under the bank or if there is branches making cover over the river, under those might be nice surprise fishes. Deeper spots gives bigger fishes. And sometimes you find fishes from heavy current. And where currents meets or there is brook coming to river. Have you heard or read all this from somewhere? I have. When I started fly fishing, I read all the books available and all of them where telling these things. And those things are true but if you can’t read the current and water environment at the time it won’t help you at all to know those things.

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Spey flies

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Classic salmon are things of great beauty, history and tradition, all of which I love and have a great interest in. I love flies with history, which is one of the reasons I have a great interest in the North Country style of trout flies, which I’ve written about many times.

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The Return Home

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Life has a very funny way of adding and subtracting things out of your current circumstances that don't necessarily fit the need of the moment. Then, without warning dropping them back in with the sole intent of seeing how you'll react. After 12 years in product development in the fishing rod industry, I decided to sell my business in 2008 and focus on being a husband, and more importantly a new father. I was perfectly happy (or so I thought), not doing ANYTHING whatsoever related to angling. One day about a year and a half ago my then 8 year old decided he wanted to learn how to fish. We started out with spinning gear but very quickly graduated to the fly rod. During the process of teaching him to cast, something reignited a spark in me to pick up the long rod again. I found myself going out in the yard in the evenings, for no other reason than to watch the loop unroll from the tip of the rod. It was a strange feeling at first because I hadn't picked up a fly rod since October of 2010.

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Ronan's Report

Guiding in Hail, Rain, Gales, Snow and Floods!!

For the last 3 weeks we’ve had had 4 or 5 serious rain events. For the first few it was still possible to find rivers clear enough to fish. Sight fishing was tough at times but certain rivers are best sight fished on cloudy days. Willow lined rivers for example and there are plenty of […]

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