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FP Archive

Fish Curry

Monday, 21 May 2018

Ashly and I are having a short break in Thailand. We've been here a few times by car (with the Rocket Condom) but this time we flew up to Krabi. It's been a very long time since I've been this far north, almost 20 years in fact, and CHRIST!!! It's busy now!!!! And this is currently low season!!!! I'm pleased I saw this part of Thailand before it changed and became the tourist herding place it is now. I had the idea that we might drive up with the truck and the boat sometime, drive through Thailand and visit Vietnam and who knows where else - but I'm not sure I can do this nowadays... I like people but can't stand crowds. To give you an idea of how things are now, we did a couple of tours. On one tour, on one small beach, I counted over 50 speed boats and that was just a small snapshot. The mind boggles to think how it must be in high season.

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A tarpon leader

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

In the next few weeks, I’ll be down in the Keys for a few days of continuously targeting large tarpon. To be honest it is not my favorite way to fish for them but it is fun none the less. It is the epitome of sight fishing and there are plenty of targets. The downside is many, actually, most, are hard to feed. The water is clear and the fish are usually visible although often the shots are rushed as the fish are on the move and quite often not detectable until very close. Sometimes you get lucky and a fish or two from the school will roll at the surface giving away their approach. Other times, especially in the morning you can find stationary “laid up” fish, which is more like the way we find them up near the Everglades.

There is a lot of preplanning involved. Water depth and clarity, tide phase, sun position and bottom structure are all components for choosing where to be at certain times. And then you hope someone else did not beat you to your spot. Tarpon fishing this time of year is very popular and there are many other boats on the water doing the same thing.

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Fly Fishing Discussions

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

I truly welcome all kind of dicussions about fly fishing since there is always something to learn in them. Even if they take place in some social media. What I however don't like is other fly fishermen telling me what is right and what is wrong. I prefer to make that decision on my own, as I prefer to leave the same to everyone!

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Not Knot Testing

Thursday, 24 May 2018

I had planned on adding to my knot testing data set this week however I agreed that someone could use my Instron for ‘proper’ work, as such the ‘no name’ knot, as supplied in picture form by a friend of Paul’s, will have to wait until next week to be tested. I don’t know what the world is coming to when someone is prioritising fission over fishin’. [That joke is nearly as bad as: ‘don’t believe a word that atoms say – they make up everything!’].

In the absence of this data I thought I’d add my tuppence worth into the leader topic as started by Gary and continued by Bernd in their FPs. From both pages it’s clear that there are many things to consider when deciding a leader set-up and different circumstances will lead to massively divergent solutions e.g. straight through 175lb versus a 20lb class tippet for big tarpon. In general my own preference, and that of many other anglers, is to have the weakest point in the leader. This ensures that if the worst comes to the worst I shouldn’t be in a situation where I lose my fly line, which of course is expensive as well as inconvenient (compared to re-making a leader).

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just take two

Friday, 25 May 2018

The last days in Czechia my trusted HT4 serial number 9 arrived repaired, just a week and a bit after I had broken it. Even though a 12 day return time, of which 7 or 8 were related to freight, is exceptionally fast. Still, not fast enough when on a fishing trip when every hour counts. So I did myself a favour and ordered a backup rod. Nothing too new to me as I used to carry two Sage XP 9ft 5wt with me. After a few years fishing these I somehow got the urge fishing a lighter line.

Paul must have heard my prayers and came out with the HT4. I got serial number 7 for Konstanse for x-mas 2014 so she could start with flyfishing. The bug caught on with her, so I had to get an HT4 myself. Serial number 9. This is the rod I stepped on in the Otava river. As this is my only flyrod I needed a backup and ordered another HT4 from Paul. Number 99.

You are extremely far from the truth if you now think I'm a well off man. Actually I am pretty low on money and try to live on a very low budget, but try to collect as many experiences and meet good people. I'm 55 now and biological clock is ticking. If all goes well that's another 15, maybe 20 years of fishing and fun. Maybe even more ... however - a very short time in the bigger scale of things. Seriously - I have no time to waste and no use for a fly rod which is under par. After having fished the HT4 for 2 years now, everything else is way under par. I am seriously spoiled. Take my advise. Stay away and refrain from trying this rod. You'd need two in the end (given you are as clumsy as me)

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Fuller's Earth

Saturday, 26 May 2018

It's mayfly season, and that of course means breaking about the 4-wts and the long leaders - and of course the Fuller's Earth. I noticed mine was all hard and the smell was really strange. Gone was the smell of washing up liquid, and insted it smelled more like a solvent that diswashing soap. I suppose it's because I used concentrated soap, but that's all I have and I'm not even sure I can get non-concentrated dishwashing soap in the supermarkets.

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2-handed Rods for Stillwater Fishing?

Sunday, 20 May 2018

If you know me, or if you’ve gotten to know a bit about me through my writings over time, you know that two of my favorite types of fly fishing are stillwater trout fishing, and casting 2-handed rods to swing flies on big rivers. I think if you dig deep, there are a number of shared traits that these types of angling have in common. The joy of casting a long line. The relaxed pace of a slow stillwater retrieve or tight line swing. The sudden jolt of a grab from a hidden fish. But the standard gear that these two types of fishing utilize are radically different. On the big rivers, I’m typically casting 12 to 14 ft 2-handed rods, rigged with some type of shooting head and sink tip system or long floating line designed for Spey casting. On the lakes, I’m usually reaching for a 9 or 10 ft single hand rod and either a floating or full sinking line of various densities. But there is one instance where I can think of where I will reach for a 2-handed rod when fishing stillwaters, and it solves a very specific angling “problem” for me.

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Ronan's Report

Seize the Carp!

Travelling to fly fishing destinations is not usually cheap, but there are some affordable options around the world. Portugal is one. Target species is carp! Initially I thought about hiring a guide but with a little research I found some decent info and decided to wing it. As luck would have it, my old mate […]

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