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FP Archive


Monday, 22 May 2017

Today we're launching a great new Sexyloops product - a camouflaged micro-fibre fishing shirt. Great for stealth wear, underwear, outerwear and also looks good for just hanging around during hot dates with your mother. As you can see the Invisibility Shirt features a Jungle Mahseer (Kelah in Malay - I mention this because there are Mahseer luring me deeper into the jungle where the tigers live and it's a very special fish that looks just damned sexy being on everyone's bucket list!) The plan is every few months to change the fish and sometimes the background but because this shirt is ready to go we're releasing it first... :)

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Whole 'nother world!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

I haven’t been fishing for a while. Although the Keys tarpon migration is in full swing I’ve kept myself otherwise occupied. The early phase of the local saltwater flats tarpon fly-fishing isn’t something I cherish. Rather, I see it as an evil thing, and one that I can definitely avoid for the while, and let the mania subside. What has been keeping me busy is at the other end of the fly fishing spectrum, an area I haven’t revisited most of my adult life.

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Leaving the Muddy Confluence

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A bit of a late Front Page this one, filling in for Bernd today who's busy teaching and fishing since 5am! I've just driven up from Kuala Lumper (which I've discovered means "Muddy Confluence" in Malay) and Ashly and I are staying in Grik tonight - tomorrow it's back aboard the "Rocket Condom" - so called because a) it looks like a condom when it's raining - as aptly named by Lars - and b) it has a max speed of 40.5km/hr now it has a 30HP on the back and not a pussy 15! You really need to hang on to your shorts, hat and everything else that might fly overboard!

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Sharks at the end of the line?

Thursday, 18 May 2017

I hope Peter Morse doesn’t mind, but I thought I’d borrow a Facebook posting of his to discuss here. Peter highlighted a problem with sharks around some prime sports fishing locations in Australia and suggested that perhaps, due to their numbers being out of hand, they should be subject to a cull. Facebook being Facebook, this comment prompted a highly emotive and polarised response ranging from “fin them all” through to “it’s the human population that needs culling”!

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sexyloops fly tying focus - klinkhamer again

Friday, 19 May 2017

Throw back Friday ... I am warming up an article from 2015. I thought about this pattern for various reasons. A - I got rather big order for them from the US, B - I had made short video which seemed to have motivated some to give tying that fly a try. C Paul, now after several decades tying has also heard about the whip finish under the parachute wing ... and D (as the is no 4 on Sexyloops) - the area of the River Glomma in Norway - the part where Hans van Klinken supposedly "invented" the pattern - is under serious threat. They are planning to build a power plant there. I am furious. When does this shit stop? The orange buffoon is not alone. The enemies of nature are everywhere ... and most of them wear suits and red ties. - So tie some flies and go fishing. Pay your license fees to support the fisheries. March against the madness. Get involved.

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Salmon fly for Denmark

Saturday, 20 May 2017

I often get asked by flyfishers, who travel to Denmark, which flies to tie. And there are a great many to choose from, of course. My own favourite for many, many years has been (and still is) my variant of the Black & Silver.

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EP Simple Speys

Sunday, 21 May 2017

A practical, quick, and easy pattern for summer steelhead.

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Ronan's Report

The Bay of Pigs!

Lake Benmore from the boat was the plan. We arrived late because I slept in. The lake was blowing a gale! We drove towards the boat ramp, not too happy about our impending soaking while driving the boat back through the heavy wave to get to the mouth of the Ahuriri. I turned the truck […]

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