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Ronan's report

Wednesday 2nd March, 2011

A recycled FP today, but it just seems like Sexyloops could use a bit of Haiku this week.


a lone steelheader,
launching casts into the rain,
must never lose hope.


things can happen fast
when hooked to a huge tarpon.
some of them not good.


the trout are eating
on Mystery River X.
where the hell is it?


hands shake and knots break.
botched casts snag flies in the trees,
when the hatch is on!


Halloween fishing.
bad wind and a wild steelie.
what a trick or treat?!


if he could he would
buy all the bags in Denmark.
you know him as Lars.


non-native sea trout.
just six thousand bucks a week.
but God are they big.


cast cast cast cast cast
cast cast cast cast cast cast cast
finally. steelhead!


it's all happening,
and need not make much sense on
sexyloops dot com


Well, I'm glad that's over. I think I counted all those syllables correctly. Hopefully something better next week when the medicine wears off.

Take Care and Fish On,

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