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Ronan's report

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Sexyloops and Youtube opened my eyes to a phenomenon that I had no idea existed a few years ago. Trick casting. Quadruple switch snap casts, Oozlum Speys, 170 degrees casts, and plenty of others with almost no practical fishing applications.

When I first saw these stunts, my reaction was somewhat reserved, bordering on the negative. "What's the point?", I asked myself. I concluded that it was just guys showing off.

Fast forward a few years and my opinion has changed slightly. Casting is fun. Perfecting a cast can fill time in between steelhead. But aside from that I think trick casts do have a real place. Maybe not a direct fishing application, but at least a place in fishing.

For students of the fly cast, and there are many here on Sexyloops, there seems to be a joy in breaking down a cast and understanding it at the fundamental level. Why does the cast work? What makes the line go out? A person can learn to cast well, I believe, without really understanding how it works, if they have a good coach and can mimic specific body motions. Mechanics. But there is another level where a person learns to cast well be understanding the how and the why. When that is achieved, I feel like casting becomes limitless. It is no longer about the standard pick up and put down, overhead cast, false cast, Double Spey, or switch. With an understanding of fundamentals and mechanics, you can literally invent a new cast every minute. Sometimes they are fishing casts - the Snake Roll comes to mind.

Sometimes they just fall into the category of tricks - exercises in fundamentals and mechanics all by themselves. Mental and physical exercises in casting, and casting alone. In this way, however, I think that trick casts can, in some way, make you a better caster and a better angler by honing your fundamentals to the point of mastery. For a trick cast to work, it still has to obey the fundamental principles of casting.

If you happen to also make a few of your buddies do double takes as they float by, then so be it.

Take Care and Fish On,

PS - This is I think my first ever casting FP. My apologies to all the folks on here that really get this stuff.

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