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Ronan's report

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

It’s not uncommon for me to lose focus on fishing and concentrate my time and efforts on other things during the winter. So it has been for the entire month of January. I honestly can’t remember the last time I fished, or sat down to tie flies. I’ve been to the casting ponds a couple of times, but have spent more time at the same park shooting hoops.

But yesterday something happened. I woke up early and didn’t feel tired. And the first thing I thought about was fishing. My mid-morning email check turned up a message from a friend in Seattle. Attached was a photo of him and another buddy grinning like idiots and holding a solid chrome, native steelhead of pretty epic proportions. Then this morning there was an email string with a long time fishing partner that included some preliminary planning, the names of two mystery wilderness rivers, and the words helicopter and float plane. At lunch I swapped fishing stories with a new employee in my company’s Montana office and checked the river levels all over Oregon and Washington.

The symptoms are clear. The stoke is back. Or maybe I’m just back to normal? And the sooner I finish this FP, the sooner I can find a fishing partner for this weekend. River X looks like it might be in shape.

Take Care and Fish On,

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