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Ronan's report

Wednesday 17th March, 2010

After about 20 minutes in the truck the big city gives way to the sprawl, strip malls, fast food, and tanning salons of the ‘burbs. A few turns and another 30 minutes (or was it 3 hours?) and the ‘burbs give way to trophy homes and wineries. The traffic is gone and shortly thereafter it’s just agricultural land, which eventually gives way to the patchwork of forest and clear cuts that is the Oregon Coast Range. A few more turns, and the road gets narrower and windier, and eventually the pavement turns to gravel. Nobody is out here, at least not on a week day.

By that point I usually have mellowed out and stopped worrying about how long of a drive this is for a days fishing. Then the white and green water finally appears down below at the bottom of a steep gorge and I am forced to concentrate on driving so I don't go over the edge. I’ve been thinking about this river, this day, and everything that it might or might not bring since last March. I save a vacation day for when I think the conditions will be just right.

Finding a four leaf clover, a Leprechaun, his pot of gold, or a winter steelhead takes some luck for sure, but probably more than anything it takes time and dedication. The desire to keep looking, chasing down rainbows, or casting. The energy to walk a little farther, wade a little deeper, or try just one more pool. Then come back next time and try again and again.

Just when you’ve counted to three on every bit of clover in the patch you turn around, and there is your pot of gold.

Or in my case, silver.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

Be Well & Fish On,

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