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Ronan's report

Wednesday 10th March, 2010

One benefit of packing up and moving to a new apartment (aside from cheaper rent) is that it forced me to clean up, pack up, and organize my fly tying kit.

Now, if youíve seem my tying corner, you are already laughing because the word ďkitĒ sort of understates the scale, insanity, and disorganization of the whole operation. A few years of working in a flyshop followed by a few more as the owner of a small scale commercial fly tying business pretty much guarantees that youíll have way too many tying materials (unless you are following the Lars the Viking, There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Tying Stuff Rule). Shoot, I have materials that Iíve never tied with, and Iím often surprised by what pops up when Iím sorting through the baggies looking for a specific bit of fluff. Itís always exciting when you discover a pack of chartreuse and green barred rubber legs hiding between a Hungarian partridge neck and a purple died guinea fowl skin. Right? Well, I guess now that Iím organized Iíll miss out on some of that brand of fun.

I think the last time it was in good organization was sometime in 2007 when I shot the picture in today's POD!

I havenít been tying much or fishing much this winter by my usual standards, and I donít have any big trips on the books right now, so I donít know what Iíll be tying next. What I do know is that Iíll be tying at a new address and when Iím looking for red rabbit strips, egg hooks, peacock herl, or those dang chartreuse and green rubber legs, Iíll know which drawer to look in for a change.

Be Well & Fish On,

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