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Ronan's report

Wednesday 19th August, 2009

What you are about to read is true. Maybe. Some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty.


Somewhere near Roswell... Oregon.

"You know, E, these steelhead are like UFOs. Fast, silver, only on the edge of reality until you finally see one for yourself."

"I'd be happy if I get through the evening without hooking myself, or you Mikey. A steelhead would be a bonus. There's supposed to be some fine trout in here as well."

"Yeah, don't worry, I think you'll do great. Now where the hell is this run Jay was talking about? He said it was right here up this track."

"Man, I don't know. I don't even think Jay even fishes this river anymore. He should have come along like we asked him to and we'd probably be fishing by now instead of sweating our asses off on the trail."

"Whatever. He wouldn't have sent us on a goose chase."

"Hey, there's a couple of guys headed down that way."

"Thingamabobber rigs! Probably from Bend or something. You think they're after trout or steel?"

"Who knows. They might be onto some fish though, and we'll be looking for different water, so lets head that same way."


"Mikey, we've been hikin a while now, and Jay said the run was just right there only a quarter mile up."

"Yeah, but he's been off on distance before. Remember how long he said it would take to get from here back to Portland? Besides, he said there was a big sign along the path by the run, and we ain't see anything but that old rusty NO TRESPASSING sign."

"We passed where those other guys are fishing, maybe that was the spot."

"Didn't look like steelhead water to me."

"Maybe it looks different than you think."

"Bull. Jay said it was easy wading and a good long Spey drift, and this crap is all rapids and pocket water clear to the bank."

"Look at that water though. Man, back on the Madison that little seam inside the grass clump would hold a good brown for sure."



"I still don't think this is the right spot."

"He didn't say anything about a big tributary stream did he?"

"No. Crap."

"Well, we've got some trout rods, lets see if we can find some. And we've got these damned Spey rods too. You still want a casting lesson, E? At least the wind is down."

"Sure, that'd be fun."

"It's turning into a damned nice evening isn't it, E?"

"Yeah. It really is. Say, tell me about that big cat you saw last weekend."


"What, Mikey."

"Nothin. Just another evening out here chasing the dream. I just feel like this time we went looking for UFOs at Area 51 and ended up at Area 49 and 1/2."


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