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Ronan's report

Wednesday 29th April, 2009

The skiff slid silently forward into unknown territory, poled by the Illustrated Man. On the bow, Happy Jack, aka Birthday Boy stood at the ready, eyes trained on the marsh up ahead. Cured of all ailments by the warm gulf breeze they were ready for anything. Birthday Boy's green reel gleamed in the morning sun. In the past, the green had looked too dark. Or too light. But today it was perfect.

Suddenly, off the edge of the grass and only 20 feet off the bow, a shape appeared in the murky water. Redfish. How did they not see it sooner? The flat was scarcely 8 inches deep.

Everything after that was just a reaction. Birthday Boy released the magic chartreuse slider, and the perfect green of his reel flashed. One quick backcast and the fly was down. One strip, then let it drop. The fish reacted to the fly as the anglers reacted to the fish. In a blink it lunged forward and had the fly, setting off a chain of events so unlikely that it had to be true.

The Illustrated Man stopped the skiff just in time. The fish opened its seemingly ordinary redfish mouth to reveal a tiny black hole. A portal to an alternate universe with gravitational pull so strong that when Birthday Boy strip-set and lifted the formerly-best-and suddenly-worst flyrod of all time snapped in two just above the cork.

A lot can happen in three seconds.

They landed that fish, but the black hole was gone by the time they had to remove the fly.

All of this of course led up to landing a 9-foot redfish on 6wt backup gear later in the day.

Which of course led back to Lucy's that evening.

What's the lesson in all of this? Anything can happen out on the Marsh. Life is an adventure. Be sure to bring extra flyrods.

Fish On,

PS - Sorry for the late FP to all of you over in the UK and Europe. I think we're going live just in time for the guys in the US to check it out on their first coffee break of the day.

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